Welcome to Longevity Acupuncture Clinic

If you are new to our clinic, welcome! Here is a brief summary of things to know about your first appointment with us.

Your First Visit

• Initial appointments generally last 60-90 minutes in duration.
• Wear loose fitting clothing to ensure ease for receiving treatment.
• Give yourself extra time after treatment before resuming daily tasks.
• Bring lab work, diagnostic reports, and any other relevant information

What you can expect during your treatment

Our practitioners take into consideration a wide range of information when treating clients. We focus on your concerns including when the symptoms began, their nature and severity, what has and has not worked for treating them in the past. We also analyze your overall state of physical and emotional wellness including sleep and energy cycles, diet and nutrition, emotional and mental health history. We consider how a client's career, lifestyle, and primary relationships affect their states of health and disease.

Please keep in mind that as our client you are welcome to share as much or as little information as you want. We believe that when a client provides key information about their overall wellness and health challenges, we may provide even better care.

We often look at the tongue and always palpate the body, including the abdomen, and the pulses from radial arteries on both wrists, to complete our diagnosis and treatment plan based on traditional Oriental Medicine principles.

This time has been set aside solely for you. Wear comfortable clothing, relax and allow the healing process to occur. Feel free to ask questions or voice any concerns which arise during the treatment. Trust that all information is confidential. The treatment does not end when the needles are removed. Acupuncture and bodywork have initiated a change within the body, and now it is your right and responsibility to insure that these positive patterns are fostered. If possible, take some time to relax directly after your treatment. Most importantly, take an active part in your health care. Your practitioner will discuss diet and lifestyle changes which will best benefit your specific condition.  Because acupuncture regulates energy, it is important that when you arrive for treatment you are not exhausted, not too hungry, or too full.  Under no circumstances should you have consumed alcoholic beverages prior to a treatment. If there is any chance you are pregnant please disclose this to your practitioner.

We look forward to working with you!